Vendors - Swapmeet

The swapmeet will be held in- and outdoors. Show visitors will enter the event trough the vendors areas, so there is not a better location for you to be in. From the swapmeet, visitors will walk into the main hall where the show and shine takes place.

Costs, size and what’s included

TRADING INSIDE: Fixed fee; €40,- per meter (standard 4m deep).
Smallest plot size is 4x4 meters (16m2 = €160,-). If you need more space, let us know and we will see what we can do. Bring your own table and marquee. All cars (non-aircooled-VW) need to go outside! There is NO SPACE for your car behind the stand. Want to have a VW on display next to the stand you need to reserve extra m2! The indoor hall will be locked down during closing hours of the show.

SWAPMEET OUTSIDE: Fixed fee; €15,- per meter (standard 4m deep) .
Smallest plot size is 4x4 meters (16m2 = €60,-). If you need more space, let us know and we will see what we can do. Bring your own table and marquee. You can place 1 car behind your trading plot, no sleeping on-site, swapmeet is on tarmac.

Tickets: Vendors get 2 entrance weekend-tickets.
Entrance: Friday 8 October from 15.00-19.00 PM.
Parking: Vendors get free parking for 1 car outside the Hangar. No cars inside!
Electricity: Trade stand ground space is excluded of electricity. If you are in need of electricity, please let us know upfront. Costs are indoors €75,- / outdoors €125,- for the weekend (220V).
Tables: Bring your own. The vendor-spot is empty. If you are in need of a table let us know upfront (2 weeks before the show), for €55,- we can arrange a 3 meter wide market-stall for you.
Arrival time: Please be there on Friday starting at 15:00 to get your stand ready (we close at 19:00!).
On Saturday and Sunday traders and show-car owners can get in starting at 08.30.
The show is open for public on Saturday 10.00-17.00 and Sunday at 10:00-16.30.


Yes, you can put an occassion up for sale. We have a special place outside where all 'for sale' cars will be displayed so the visitors know where to look. These plots are 3x5m and cost €150,-.


For € 150,- extra we will place your logo on the ‘Swapmeet’ page on our website, so visitors know you and your products will be available at the show. Interested in a bigger ‘sponsor package’ ask us, as we have many sponsor options available. For other plot sizes or trader + sponsor package deals please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


No on-site camping. The show area will be locked down over night. No one is allowed to stay on the event area during the night! See the 'where to stay' page where to book your nearby hotel or camping.

Want to trade?

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This show is made possible with great THANKS to our partners and sponsors!
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